Home-School Cooperation

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) realizes that “Home-School Cooperation” can nurture youth work effectively. In the past few years, our association has organized talks, seminars and book sharing activities for parents to enrich parent education and its effectiveness. 

Our Association gives scholarships to students with outstanding academic achievement and subsidies for student activities to support school’s development. We also give “Thank You Card ” and small gifts to teachers every year to express our sincere thanks to teachers for their dedication to teaching and caring of students. Besides, we jointly organize with our alumni to hold activities to serve the children and elder people in our district. Occasionally, parents were invited to our school to supervise students who participated in the “Library Service Scheme”.

We promote communication between parents and teachers by means of issuing newsletters regularly, uploading news for activity in the e-class and contacting parents by phone calls. The Parent-Teacher Day is held every year in order to exchange ideas and share experiences between parents and teachers.